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Update on Medplus Debt Raise to Buyout Existing PE Investors

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We are glad to report that Samisti Legal, Advocates and Legal Advisors has been involved in $115m debt raise by MedPlus from Goldman Sachs and Edelweiss to buyout PE investors.

MedPlus Health Services is India’s second largest pharmacy retail chain spread over 12 states in India with over 1400 pharmacy retail outlets and has been serving many customers every day and has raised $115m i.e. around INR 750 crores in a debt funding round to buy-back shares from existing PE investors namely TVS Capital Funds, Ajay Piramal’s India Venture Advisors and Mount Kellett.

Samisti Legal has represented MedPlus and its promoter for management buyout of the selling of the PE shareholders and has also represented in the financing round from Goldman Sachs and Edelweiss.

This deal was closed on 09th December, 2017.

We would like to thank the promoter of MedPlus for giving us this opportunity and appreciating our work. This deal has been reported in the media. Please read the publication to know more details and feel free to reach out to us.

Team Samisti Legal

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